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What happens when you go for a run with your client before a photo session? Smiles, laughter, and way too much fun.

I've done dozens of shoots with Gary but this time we decided to switch it up and head out for a run before we started. The cool morning air coupled with the brisk running pace got us energized for our shoot, and once we were finished doing a loop of the Muskoseepi Reservoir we set off to explore downtown Grande Prairie. Normally once Gary starts his practice, he gets in the zone and flows with ease and concentration from pose to pose. I've captured his practice enough times to see his inner dialog with his body and breath as he decides what posture to move on to next, and how far to move into it. He not only feels the stretches, he knows the science behind them.

Thats why this session will always be one of my favorites with Gary, because the endorphins/runner's high from the run seemed to overcome his normally 'serious' practice and replaced it with laugher, constant smiles, and falling out of postures. It was great to see a more playful side of this practice!

Yogi : @rad.gary

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