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I offer a wide range of services geared towards businesses of all sizes, covering

everything from headshots and product photography, to website design and capturing live events. 


Contact me with your vision, and a quote will be provided. Prices below are for a team of up to 6 people. A per-person charge is applied for additional people. 

Standard Head Shots // $150+GST

- 15 Minutes

- 5 Photos

- Solid Backdrop, Color Choice

- Only 1 Person


Mini Session // $400+GST

- 45 Minutes

- 30 Photos

- 1 Location

- Up to 6 Staff Members

Full Session // $600+GST

- 1.5 Hour

- 60 Photos

- 2 Locations

- Up to 10 Staff Members

Additional Staff Members // $50 per person

Additional Hours // $200 per hour. 

Adding a Model // $35 per hour.



Event coverage for both indoor and outdoor events. Hourly rates and day rates available. Contact me with your event details and a quote will be provided.

$150+GST // Hour

Day rates available upon request.

Special discounts for charities. 



Every retreat is unique, transformative and takes countless hours of planning...


By inviting me to tag along, I will be able to capture all the magical moments that make your retreat special so that you can share the memories with your attendees and have awesome photos to use for future events. 

Contact me with your vision and a quote will be provided.

Executive Headshots

Flexible schedule.

Whether you need to get the photos done by tomorrow, or you only have a specific time that your whole staff is in the office, I can work around nearly any schedule. 
Mobile studio set up.
Don't have time to leave the office to get photos done?
No problem!
The mobile studio setup is always ready to come to you!
Photos to fit your needs.
Need specific dimensions, layouts, locations or finishes,  for your photos? Let me know in advance so we can plan the photo session accordingly.
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