New Yogi. New Location. New Camera.

I love when photography takes me somewhere new. Whether it's to a new place, working with a new person, or trying out a new technique, I am so grateful that my job looks different every day. The constant changes encourage me to always be learning and evolving my skills so that I can be ready for any job that may come up in the future.

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot with Mattie, a super cool yogi, in a space I'd never been to. The lighting was sublime and the hour long shoot flew by as we played around with different poses in the two studios and chatted about yoga and photography.

I had also picked up the Nikon D850 the day before and decided to bring it to the shoot to break it in. The D810 has been glued to my hand or the last 3 years so I had high expectations for the new camera, and it did not disappoint! It was a seamless transition between the cameras and I love the extra bit of speed and versatility the D850 has to offer. The silent shooting in live view is pretty phenomenal too! I'll do a proper review of the camera once I've put it through its paces, but for now just know that it was love at first shot.