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Powered by Passion.

People often ask me what my favourite thing to photograph is.

My answer is simple: Passion.

It doesn't matter if its a person's passion for a sport, an art form, music, or their family. It doesn't matter if its something grand like repelling down mountains or something 'simple' like baking cookies. True passion can come from anywhere. It makes a person come alive, it lights up their soul, it makes the world around them fade away... And capturing those moments does that for me. That's what keeps me going in this crazy business.

This session with Jenna was exactly that. True passion through and through.

It was -15' and we were scheduled to do a yoga photo shoot outside. I had sent Jenna a note reminding her that it was going to be pretty cold and that she should wear warm layers... She had other plans. Despite the impending frostbite, we carried out her vision (as quickly as possible) and both of us are incredibly happy with the results.

Jenna's passion for Buti Yoga kept her going through all the glacial poses and hair flips. It was probably the coldest 15 minutes of her life but definitely worth it in the end. I will be forever grateful that Jenna asked me to capture her passion and practice, and look forward to many more photo sessions with this amazing, strong, beautiful, passionate woman.

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