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#ClientLove : Kirstie Mann Yoga + Meditation

1. Introduce yourself! Where are you from, what are your hobbies? Who do you share your days with?

Hey friends, my name is Kirstie Mann and I'm a Prairie girl! I was born and raised in Swift Current, SK and I've lived in GP for almost 9 years now. My favourite hobbies include, getting outside either walking my two dogs (Iggy and Ruby) or going on a run, yoga, reading and the occasional puzzle! I share my days with my husband and my two dogs.

2. Introduce your business! What do you do/sell/offer? How long have you been in operation?

I'm a 200hr certified yoga instructor offering online yoga classes, meditations, and workshops on I've been teaching full-time at a local studio since 2016, but I'm celebrating 1 year of owning my own business this January! I also have a monthly newsletter that I've been writing since May 2020. 3. What got you first thinking about starting this business?

I've been practicing yoga since I was a teenager and it wasn't until I moved to Grande Prairie that I started studying yoga and getting serious about teaching. I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit but it wasn't really until about Fall 2019 that I really got the ball rolling about venturing out on my own.

4. When did you decide to make the plunge? What was the catalyst that motivated you to officially open?

I left my full time job as a Studio Manager and Yoga Instructor January 2020 and spent the month of February in Costa Rica, when I came home the pandemic hit and that was a major catalyst for starting to teach online and get creative with how I wanted to start my business and show up for the community. I officially launched my website and brand in April 2020 and started an online membership program in May 2020. 5. Has your business evolved since starting it and how? Who helped you get to where you are now?

Yes! Originally, the plan was to teach mostly in person and eventually start some online classes, but that plan had to change quickly last year! Now the foundation of my business is teaching online and when restrictions allow, I'll be introducing some in-person yoga classes,and *fingers crossed* a retreat. There are a few people/businesses that have helped me: 1. I wouldn't be where I am without my sister Caitlin Mann, who is the brains behind Pebble Creative. She designed and created my brand and website. 2. My friend and photographer Liza Curtiss! I have so much gorgeous content to post on social media and to help build my brand. Working with Liza is always fun, easy and purposeful. 3. Lululemon Grande Prairie has been a huge supporter, especially since I joined their Ambassador Program Fall 2018. They've been a solid support team and cheerleaders as I transitioned into the entrepreneur life! 4. My dedicated yogis. They are the reason I get up in the morning and love what I do. So so so grateful for them. 6. What are your most popular services/products?

My most popular service is my online yoga membership. I offer an unlimited pass that gives yogis access to 5 live yoga classes a week, as well as the recordings so they can yoga when it works for them! Morning yoga is my jam. Having a good morning routine is the best way to start the day. I've been teaching early morning yoga since December 2016 and it's become my "thing". So if you want to start a morning yoga practice, I'm your girl!

7. What are you most proud of in your business?

I'm definitely most proud of my consistency and ability to pivot my plan when the world turned upside down! I'm proud that I was able to continue teaching yoga and showing up for the little online community we're growing! 8. What’s one of the best moments or days on the job since you’ve opened?

Some of the best moments were: 1. When I first launched my website/brand because of the overwhelming support. 2. I hosted a free week of yoga in the fall and I just loved seeing all the new faces and people wanting to start a home practice. 3. Anytime I get a message from someone saying that a class has helped them.

9. Do you have any big goals you’re working towards or have accomplished? I'm currently setting some new goals for the year so I don't have anything concrete set for 2021 but bucket lists would be having an online yoga studio with a variety of on-demand and live classes at an affordable price and when we can travel, I'd LOVE to host a retreat. 10. What’s coming up next?

I'm just riding the waves as they come right now. Staying consistent with teaching online classes and showing up the best I can online for the community. 11. How can the community support you during this time?

#jointhemorningmovement and sign up for some yoga! 12. How can people connect with you?

You can sign up for classes or my newsletter over at or hang out with me on Instagram @kirstie_mann.

Bonus: What’s one other local business that people *have to* check out in the Peace Region? As for local businesses, my saving grace has been local restaurants/coffee shops! I can't choose one, I'm sorry! haha


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