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#ClientLove : Bold & Brassy Boutique

1. Introduce yourself! Where are you from, what are your hobbies? Who do you share your days with?

I was born and raised in Grande Prairie, AB. I have always loved riding horses, although owning a business + raising kids doesn't allow for much time for hobbies. I am also currently learning to play the guitar when I have a little bit of downtime in the evenings.

2. Introduce your business! What do you do/sell/offer? How long have you been in operation?

Bold & Brassy Boutique is a diverse line up of on trend, affordable Women's apparel, accessories + gifts! I started this business in November, 2015 when I launched my online store! I wish I could tell you it comes from a place of loving fashion (although I do) & always being on freaking point with my outfits (but that would be a flat out lie) but truly, it comes from a place wanting to do more for my family. I'm a visionary, eager to try things, not afraid of failure and a hard worker so working 9-5 building someone else's dream just doesn't cut it for me. For 4 years I operated out of my basement, packaging online orders, going to the post office regularly & bringing my vision to life by attending trade shows & hosting my own pop up shop events! It's super cool to collaborate with other local small business owners and work together. That is truly where my heart explodes! In December of 2019 I opened the doors to my storefront location. So the store has been operating for 1 year, during a global pandemic. It's been an interesting year of learning & I'm proud to say my business is surviving a global pandemic!

3. What got you first thinking about starting this business?

To be honest I've always had an entrepreneur bug. I worked in the corporate world for 5 years as a young 20 something and I learned very quickly about the corporate glass ceiling and I just felt strongly that if I kept doing that, my life would look exactly the same in the years following.My favourite country singer opened up a Boutique in Texas and I just had this lightbulb moment..ya that's what I'm going to do. I wanted to work smarter so I decided that while I had my first baby at home I would take the time, build a website & work on building a customer base.

4. When did you decide to make the plunge? What was the catalyst that motivated you to officially open?

The decision to open a storefront wasn't something that happened overnight. It was a year long process of consideration, research, working with professionals to ensure I was setting myself up for success. It was a seed that had been planted for some years by my customers. I never had the intention of opening a storefront however throughout my journey, my customers visiting me at pop up shops kept saying they wished I had a storefront and that sort of reminded me of my need to serve this vibrant community. If I could have a location within the community it would allow me to further reach and connect with my customers face to face. I also have the desire to be more involved and serve the communities needs whether its fundraisers, business collaborations or sponsorships..that is what fuelled me to plant my business roots in Grande Prairie.

5. Has your business evolved since starting it and how? Who helped you get to where you are now?

My business is constantly evolving. I'm the type of person that thrives in business is constantly changing. We are continually rotating the items we sell as well as adjusting and adapting to certain situations whether it's social media algorithms, re-merchandising the store, new marketing ideas or changing the way we conduct business. Being able to adapt is so important to the survival of business because we all know the only constant is change..and taxes!

6. What are your most popular services/products? Must have holiday item?

It's so hard to pin-point our best selling / must have items. We are continually bringing in new brands and styles which keeps our customers engaged and coming back. I absolutely love gift trinket items and those have done exceptionally well this time of year but a staple we are becoming known for are our jeans!

7. What are you most proud of in your business?

I am most proud of the growth I see in the people who work or have been involved with keeping Bold & Brassy going. The most important thing in the world is being able to serve others and support their growth + journey.

8. What’s one of the best moments or days on the job since you’ve opened?

Small Business Saturday was very cool. We had a lineup out the door. This community really rallied and supported our small business at a time where we really needed it. Furthermore, we incorporated a ton of other small businesses into our marketing and swag bags we were giving to our customers..the the support from the community was far more extended than just Bold & Brassy.

9. Do you have any big goals you’re working towards or have accomplished?

I have a TON of big goals and visions. Some of which include Bold & Brassy and some of which don't. I keep my goals pretty close to my heart until I'm ready to share with the world. The key is to just keep moving forward and my visions will soon come to life - as they have done in the past.

10. How can the community support you during this time?

The community has done a fabulous job supporting us. All we ask is to keep mindfulness when you are supporting business in general. Your dollars are your votes essentially. We hope you continue to vote for Small Business first!

11. How can people connect with you?

People can connect with us via Social Media ( Facebook & Instagram), our website, by visiting us in store or calling & emailing.


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