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Yoga isn't about fancy studios and mind-bending poses.

Nor is it about perfect hair and looking like a marble statue.

Yoga is about the inner journey you take on your mat, manifested as a physical practice. It should make you feel safe, comfortable and connected, while allowing you to push to your edge, build strength and gain flexibility. If you love to be silly during yoga, bring that silliness to your next photo session. If you only love restorative poses, don't force yourself to do inversions just because the rest of the internet does them...

Do what you love and you can not fail.

It is a practice that can be done anywhere, by anyone.

This makes every practice unique.

We chose to photograph Amanda at her home because it is her favourite place to practice. Her amazing back yard (and special appearances by her dogs) made this set of photos unique to her and allowed her personality to shine through. She is a down to earth, wise and hilarious mom who is truly passionate about sharing her love of yoga through teaching classes and open conversation.

Find classes with Amanda at TheRADlife //

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