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Explore Your City!

As most of you know/can guess, theRADlife is one of my oldest clients and I've captured nearly 50,000 photos of them in the last 2.5 years.

These photos are used for daily class posts at the yoga studio, special promotions, printed materials, manuals, and pretty much everything else you could imagine. I love every minute of photographing this amazing group of people and they challenge me to try new techniques (lots of cool stuff coming your way this winter) and find new locations...

With Grande Prairie being a 'small town' you'd think that we would have run out of new spots for photos by now but I honestly don't see that happening any time soon. Its all about getting outside and walking your neighbourhood! I recently came across this little gem on a dog walk and love the perspective and texture the boardwalk gives the images. Next time you are feeling uninspired or are doubting the creative potential of your city, I challenge you to grab a camera, a friend, a coffee and just head out and explore!

P.S. Aren't Candace and Andrew the cutest?

Yogis : @rad.candace + @rad.drew

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