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June was a crazy busy month for me this year.

I was trying to fit 3 months worth of work into 1 before I went away for all of July and August. When I wasn't shooting, I was glued to the computer editing and felt like I hardly ever saw the sun. Its times like that that begin to wear on the creative side of my business. This profession has it's ups and downs, and balancing business and passion isn't always easy. That's why, amongst all the stress, I made sure to take time out to go and shoot just for fun with friends.

It's so important to never lose sight of why your chose to follow your dreams, and to nurture the creative passion that helped you take those first steps. Getting to relax and shoot for a few hours as the sun was setting with a couple amazing friends was exactly what I needed to recharge my creative batteries. I am so grateful to have a family of people who are always up for photos and whatever adventures (or crazy ideas) come our way during a shoot. What makes it even better, is that these people are committed to living life to the fullest and love to share their passions for me to capture. Thank you for an amazing night Andrew + Candace!

Featuring : @rad.drew + @rad.candace

- "Hey Andrew... Can you go stand in that giant swarm of bugs?"

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