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Traveling With A Toddler

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One of my favourite parts of my job is traveling for work. Whether it is around the Peace Country or internationally, often times my hubby and toddler tag along. I love that we get to exposed Alex to traveling from an early age, and spend more time exploring our beautiful corner of the world ourselves.

When the kiddo was an infant traveling was a breeze, but toddlerhood is a whole new adventure. At 2 and a half, we are now dealing with endless energy, unpredictable naps, and a little one who could chat non-stop for a 12 hour road trip if you let him.

To help keep us organized and having fun, I've listed 3 things that were integral to our last trip to Jasper, AB.

1) Keeping Us Organized

This backpack has been a pleasant surprise. After 2.5 years of near daily use, it still looks brand new. With its ample pockets (some of which are even insulated) and fun blue interior, it always has enough room for everything we need to bring along. Plus, the top can adjust to create even more space if you need to stuff a last minute jacket or blanket into it.

2)Keeping The Little One Busy

We picked up this drawing tablet last year and it has been on every road trip and flight since. It's a mess-free option for kids who love to draw and I can see it lasting us from wild toddler scribbles to tic-tac-toe games long into the future. We love that it doesn't emit any bright lights or sounds, and that the pen is connected to the board. There is even a lock switch that lets you save the current drawing until you're ready to erase it.

It's a big hit with both the kiddo and us!

3) Making Memories

I have a little polaroid camera which is always an adventure *must-have* to bring along. Of course as photographers we have a ton of gear with us all the time, but there is just something special about leaving all that weight at home and capturing little moments immediately on film. It adds an extra layer of fun to a trip. If a polaroid camera is not your jam, there are plenty of portable printer options that you can send photos to straight from your phone.

The camera I have is similar to the one linked here, and has a vintage vibe which I love ❤️

Amazon also has a deal on film right now too 📸

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